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    10 Must Have Buttery Curl Creams Every Textured Maven Needs

    Dry, undefined curls got ya down? We get it, some curl creams just don't though so we're here to share three curl creams with you that leave us with hearts in our eyes every time. Definition heaven coming up babe! Definition Queen no. 1 Definition Queen no. 2 Definition Queen no. 3 Definiti... View Post
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    Edge Gels That Slay the Curliest Edges

    When it comes to edge gels we want our edges laid for days, slayed without the waves and stuck without the yuck! All edge gels are simply not created equal babes, you name it we’ve probably used it and either liked it, loved it or chucked it. Before we name our top three edge gels let us first e... View Post
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    3 Nutrient Rich Treatments Your Scalp Care Will Adore

    What about the root of it all? What about your scalp care? Are we over-focusing on our hair care and under-focusing on our scalp care?

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