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Edge Gels That Slay the Curliest Edges

When it comes to edge gels we want our edges laid for days, slayed without the waves and stuck without the yuck!

All edge gels are simply not created equal babes, you name it we’ve probably used it and either liked it, loved it or chucked it. Before we name our top three edge gels let us first explain what we are looking for when it comes to an edge gel. Because we have standards boo!

Hold without the tack

We want intense hold but we don’t want that sticky, goopy, grabby sensation that some edge gels can create.

Hold without the flakes and build-up

We want great hold that we touch up the next day without all the white build-up and flakes. Edge gel should have a bit of buildability to them so that we’re not left with gunky edges.

Hold that won’t melt

My face moisturizer needs no support, so we want our edge gel to stay on our edges without melting down our neck.

Hold that nourishes

Last but certainly not least, we want hold that will do our perimeter good without leading to damaged, dry, thinning edges.

Okay now that we have that out of the way, let’s get to our fave edge gels that are tried and true when it comes to lasting power, styleability and more.

Edges Pomade by Hick's 4oz

This is old faithful if you ask us. We love Hicks Edges because it gives multi-day hold that’s buildable without making your hair revert. This edge gel will run you $14.99 for a 4oz jar and you can purchase from most beauty supply stores or Sally Beauty.


We love this edge gel because it really does slay and super lay our edges. Plus the ingredients are pretty nice. This gel includes argan oil, lemongrass oil, and avocado oil. You can purchase a 4oz jar of Alikay Naturals Lemongrass Slay & Lay Edge Gel for $11.99 from select Target stores or online at AlikayNaturals.com.

Kaleidoscope Miracle Edges - 2oz

Well word on the street is that this is the ultimate long lasting hold that we all dream of. We just couldn’t round out a list of our faves without including this ultra hold edge gel. You can grab a 2oz container of the Kaleidoscope Miracle Edges for $16.99 at Target.

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